Photography is more than just pushing a button

In the past just getting a photograph correctly exposed and in focus took some effort and know-how on the part of the photographer. With modern cameras, no competence whatsoever is required to get an image correctly exposed and in focus, so anybody can do that. What the camera does not take care of is the creative details of making the image. The camera does not decide where to place anything or even in which direction to point itself.

The first image was made just pointing the camera at the subject and pressing the shutter release with no consideration for background, environment, composition or lighting – which is why the result is mediocre.

Model: Shay Elizabeth

The second image was made from the same spot just turning to a different composition and paying attention to the afore-mentioned important factors in image-making: background, environment, composition and lighting producing a much more pleasing result.

Model: Shay Elizabeth


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